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Welcome to the MettleAir Classroom


Lesson 1: Measuring Pipe Threads

(We take a look at how to measure and convert NPT/BSPT/BSPP thread sizes) 

Lesson 2: Measuring Hose ID and Hose OD
(We learn how to measure for Hose ID and Hose OD, so you get the right fit every time with our Tubing and Fittings) 

Lesson 3: Introduction to Pneumatic Valves
(We learn about the many types of valves available and their functions, as well as some commonly used terminology used by the industry) 

Lesson 4:  Valve Selection Guide
(We learn about the various functions of different types of electrical solenoid valves and how to configure them)

Lesson 5: Fast and Slow (Coming Soon)
(We learn to harness the air flow using Quick Exhausts and Flow Controls)

Lesson 6: Play it safe (Coming Soon)
(We learn about 3 way shut off valves and other shut off valves/lockout valves offered by MettleAir) 


Reference Materials

NPT Thread Size Quick Reference Guide 


Case Studies (Coming Soon)

Tire Changer/Bead Breaker

Can Crusher

Lift Table