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MettleAir® designs and manufactuers an extensive selection of manifolds for all types of applications. Our 3V and 4V series manifolds are the perfect solution for mounting our wide variety of air piloted and electrical solenoid valves. With lengths from two to 16 stations, our manifolds are ready to take on whatever pneumatic automation project you have in mind. The AM series of inline manifolds can be used in work benches, supply branches, and are perfect junction points for the distribution of pneumatic media (air/inert gasses). Our new wide port distance series of inline manifolds, allow for easy installation of multiple large attachments. Our precision machining process ensures that each and every manifold is perfectly made every time. Their attractive anodized/oxidization finish offer an extra level of corrosion protection and wear resistance. In addition to our stock manifolds, MettleAir® can also custom design and manufacture manifolds to your specifications, simply contact us and we'll get started.