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MettleAirĀ® Education Incentive Program

The MettleAir® Education Incentive Program is designed to provide a significant discount for all educators, students and school clubs in order to make hands on learning materials more accessible. We hope that teachers will use our parts to guide students to better understanding of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) through fun and safe projects.


Teachers & Students

(Colleges, Universities, Technical Schools, and all other educational institutions)


1)      Register your account with a valid email address ending in .edu provided by your school* (Example:

2)      Use that same .edu email address to send us an email that you wish to be enrolled for the MettleAir® Education Incentive Program

3)      Allow 1 business day for us to email you back to confirm that you are approved and set up for the MettleAir® Education Incentive Program. 
(Wait until you get confirmation before placing any orders)

4)      Choose your items and see your savings in the Shopping Cart



*If you do not have an email with a .edu address you can still register with your normal email. However we will need to verify that the delivery/shipping address will be to a School / University / College / Technical Institute / place of education.